Free 2 Clean Minimalist Frame Mockups Design

If you are looking for a mockup that would highlight your design at its best, then today’s mockup might be most suitable for you. We created a minimalist frame mockup that it’s entirely in white without any other color distraction. Therefore, the design applied on mockup would be the only focus. This frame mockup will be best to create a stunning and professional design to display. It could be a presentation to your client or the way out to check your design before it’s printed.

This frame mockup is luxurious in minimalism. It can showcase your design to look stand out as you can see in the previews above, it’s absolutely white, a plain white. However, the plus is the design showcased wouldn’t be distracted by anything. It can be a definition of less is more. It’s a minimal composition mockup that can deliver its function best. The layout arrangement makes it the best option to create your mockup.

This pack provides 2 frame mockups in psd file. There is a frame on the wall, and the other is standing on the table. You may know that we’ve launched a frame mockup in white as well. That is the reason why you might find it familiar once you see this post preview. However, in this pack, the frame provided is in horizontal order. Landscape posters or images or illustrations may be best to apply this frame mockup. With its minimal composition, it’s possible to attract your client since using this mockup means that there are not many other elements that would sweeten your design.

This minimalist frame mockup is offered for free. We give you this collection to create your mockup to look luxurious and professional at the same time. Therefore, your client might be satisfied with what you’ve made. If you think you need this mockup, don’t hesitate to download this mockup at the link below:

2 Clean Minimalist Frame Mockups - (PSD)

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