Free Halftone Duotone Photo Effect Template

Pop art culture becomes outstanding because of its striking distinctiveness. Especially in photography, the pop art touch could showcase the other side of the photo taken. We may refer to it as alter ego or something. You can see it in the preview above!

Yes, the previews are our new launch template, which is the duotone halftone effect template. This is a photo effect with a halftone texture style combined with the duotone color. This halftone shows the infinite dots in the raster that can generate the new appearance of the photo. With the duotone color, it showcases the retro mood that may suit the street theme. But for sure, with this halftone photo effect, your photo could be astounding.

This photo effect is provided in a 1x PSD file for portrait photos. The vintage pop art is beautifully made from the halftone texture provided. And how the duotone color combined makes this photo effect could be an option to represent the other side or appearance of the original photo. As it’s been edited to be different, it may be beneficial to be used for many purposes such as campaign, advertisement, flyer, poster, and many more possibilities.

The duotone halftone effect template might be a versatile photo effect use. However, as it’s formed from the infinite dots, an object with a precise shape may be the best. Moreover, if it’s a portrait photo, the duotone halftone effect could be well showcased. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that other photo styles are not possible to apply this effect. Just try to explore more, and who knows, your exploration will generate excellent unexpected results. Therefore, make sure to download this photo effect at the link below:

1x Halftone Duotone Photo Effect Template - (PSD)

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