Friza - Futuristic Display Font - Free DEMO

The newly released font is here for you. It’s a shape font which is called Friza Font. It’s formed in a rigid font which has a square corner and geometric look. It has strong characters, how the font is created makes it have a firm and powerful impression. It's best to represent a futuristic theme design. It can be considered as a display font since this font could be best to make something to be different and highlighted.

Using this font for your design would definitely make your project appealing. It could give a modern impression which might be suitable to complete a branding need, especially when it comes to future things. Multimedia things, newest technology, or space observation might be best to be promoted using this font. As has been said, this font is best considered as a display font, it is most suitable for titles, logo, poster, and highlight font. A short paragraph is okay though. Using this font for your advertising needs might make your board to be attention and easy to look at. It could be easy to make people aware of your promotions.

This font is provided in two versions, they are bold and regular. All of them are definitely mesmerizing. Using this font would highlight your project perfectly. It’s easy to use, just as usual font you just need to install it on your computer and you could freely use it for everything you want to.

There are two fonts that you could get by downloading this font collection in premium. However, if you want to try it first, you could try to download the demo which contains the bold version only. You can check the preview above, this font is truly promising to decorate your design. Therefore, by downloading this font you would definitely be satisfied. Without any further ado, choose your preference below and just download them directly:

Friza BOLD - (OTF)


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