Free Download Plate Mockup Design VOL 2

It’s finally back, another food and beverage mockup collection arrived. This time is the Plate Mockup Vol 2. In the previous volume we gave the rounded ceramic plate mockup, and in this volume we provide the square ceramic plate with the rounded corner. The original is in white color isolated on a yellow background. However, as it’s a mockup then it’s possible to make some customization.

It could be used to find out how it’ll look if your design is printed on a ceramic plate. There is a shadow effect to make it look realistic. If you are a ceramic product seller, this mockup could be used to check your design or use the result for advertisements on social media, websites, etc. More than that, it’s also possible to use this mockup for displaying products on marketplaces. The possibilities of using this mockup could be endless and it can be used countless times.

This mockup is provided in PSD format. It’s possible to edit the design, you can put your own design in this mockup, you can customize that plain white plate to have some pattern in it. The yellow background as well is customizable. Change it to another color to match it with your taste. It’s possible to give your personal sense in it.

Using this mockup for your campaign or advertisement needs could be beneficial. It’s worth it to cut your time consuming as it’s easy to use and edit. Just make some customizations here and there, and this mockup is ready to be uploaded. If you find this mockup is interesting and could be beneficial, make sure to download this collection. However it’s our Rare Project, therefore make sure to read our License page first before using this mockup for your needs especially if it’s for commercial purposes. If you deal with it, just click the link below to download this our limited mockup:

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