Where to Sell Your Fonts - 7 Recommended Platforms

In the previous articles, we’ve talked about how you can make money from lettering. One of the ways to make money from those skills is by making fonts. If you are the one who loves lettering, only creating fonts could be easy work to do. However, sometimes it could be more confusing to choose where is the best place to sell fonts that have been created. There could be many websites provided to sell fonts, however to choose which one is the best place needs more consideration. At least it needs to know how the average prices are offered, the paying system, the traffic (the possibility of your font selling), and it may be better if we can collect information about other experiences while selling fonts on certain websites. To solve this problem, we’re trying to summarize it in order to ease you to make a decision. In this article we’re going to give you some recommended websites to sell your fonts. One to another websites could have its plus and minus, we are here to explain it and the final decision is back to you. Without any further ado, here are the recommendations for you:

Creative Market is a place where you can sell not only fonts but also other creative projects. There are textures, templates, filter effects, and many more. Font is one of the items sold at Creative Market. Before joining in Creative Market, currently it requires a portfolio that has been created on another platform. It could be Instagram where you can upload your images related to your creative project, your personal art website, or other marketplaces where you sell your art. It seems that Creative Market has become more selective these days since there are many people who intend to join in, Creative Market needs to select it properly to serve their best for customers.

To open a shop in Creative Market, there is no cost. Artists could make 70% of every purchased item. The positive side by opening shops on this platform is artists are allowed to take control over their items. Artists are allowed to set their own prices of their item while Creative Market also recommends the average prices of similar items. It can be said that Creative Market is a friendly place to start.

As it’s mentioned on its website name, it’s a platform which is specifically for selling fonts. It could be one of the options, on Font Bundles it’s easy and free to upload your font and it’s likely that you could get 50-75% from every purchased item, 75% if buyers don’t click any affiliate link or they directly click your link to download and 50% if buyers download it by clicking someone else’s affiliate link. In other words, you could get 15% commission if you use an affiliate program regardless if it’s your item or not.

It has good traffic, therefore it’s possible that your fonts could be sold quickly. Font Bundles is a good platform for bundles and quick sales. It has seasonal categorization for instance, it makes fonts possible to easily appear for buyers.

Another platform for recommendation is Creative Fabrica. It’s similar to other platforms in which it shares the payment in amount of 50-75% for artists for every sold item, it also lets artists get another revenue by participating in their subscription service. It means that if artists allow their product to be on their subscription service, it’s possible for artists to get daily income based on how much their product is being purchased. Even if the number isn't quite that many, it’s not bad.

It has an easy to use interface, it’s friendly for newbies to start. Another review also said that it has a super responsive service from those who are running this Creative Fabrica project. So, it’s possible for newbies to feel free to ask anything if they are questioning something or still don’t get the information clearly.

Etsy is a well known platform to sell any creative project, therefore it has tons of traffic. It seems because of its popularity, distinct to other platforms that’ve been mentioned, it needs $0.20 for every added list. Additionally, it also needs another $0.20 to renew every list which expires for 4 months, yes it needs to renew every list every 4 months no matter if it's sold or not. It also charges 5% as transaction fee for every purchased item.

Those are only some of their fee policies that need to be paid attention. You can get the details on their website. It sounds complicated, however as Etsy is a well known platform which has big traffic, it could be a promising platform to start with.

Another recommended platform is Yellow Images. It isn’t specifically for selling fonts, however it has many fonts collections, good traffic, and supportive creators environment. In Yellow Images it’s possible to build a team and whenever you invite new members to join your team it’s possible for you to earn some commissions. Having a team and collaborating with them make it possible to create amazing products together and increase the sales. If you are a team leader it’s possible for you to earn commission whenever your team member makes a sale.

In Yellow Images as an author is able to earn 71% commission, it consists of 50% of author funds and 21% from team member’s sales.

Myfont is the leading platform for font marketplaces, the popularity is unquestionable. Just like the other platforms, the possible earning that creators could get is around 50%. It’s a promising platform to sell your fonts. Even if there aren’t many reviews about this platform, still it’s one of most recommended marketplaces to try for selling fonts. Many people still love to find fonts here for their creative project.

Once you read the t&c before joining this platform, you could feel frustrated. The t&c seems complicated. However, it’s just them trying to select the qualified fonts to be displayed on their platform. And if you try to submit your font, the actual process isn’t that complicated. You just need to follow the process patiently.

It’s a friendly newbie platform to sell fonts. It has a responsive backend team, whenever you get trouble while running your shop they would give you transparency about what is actually happening. Besides fonts, it’s possible to sell SVGs here. However, the selling fonts are higher. The amount of the payment is confidential, however it’s still promising. Just if the payment isn't worthy, it could be that there are no creators who would submit their fonts here.

It also has a supportive community for creators. There is a Facebook group which is exclusively made for So Fontsy creators. It has a helpful and friendly environment. It’s possible to share and discuss the experience and learn from the expert. The minus of this platform is it could be about the lack of their website performance. Sometimes, it needs more time to load, and there happens to be timeouts and errors. However, the earning is still worthwhile. Therefore, it still becomes one of the recommended platforms to sell fonts.

Those are our recommendations if you are the one who lost where you need to sell your font. Just choose which one would be your most suitable platform to engage with . However, actually we don’t recommend you to sell your fonts only on one platform. It’s possible to sell your creative fonts on multiple platforms. The more you sell your fonts, the more possibilities you will get more income. However you need to check the agreement of the platform you would engage with. There might be platforms that let you sell your font in multiple platforms but it’s the same it’s possible there are platforms that wouldn’t let you to do so.

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