Free Wet on Wet Watercolor Photoshop Brush & PNG

Another collection of the watercolor photoshop brush stamp is here. We’ve launched two watercolor brush collections previously, they are circle and abstract brushes. To complete the collection series, we’ve kept working to provide today’s collection. The collection is manually hand crafted to keep its uniqueness and authenticity. Moreover, we tried a distinct technique to realize this collection. After all the long way, now we’re proud to finally introduce the wet on wet watercolor photoshop brush!

Generally, it’s the same as previous Photoshop brushes. What makes it special is how this brush collection was created. It used a wet on wet painting technique where the watercolor was applied on the wet medium. It could be the colors were overlapped one to another before the previous color has dried, therefore it can generate painting where the shape is bold in the mid and semi transparent in the edge. However, look at the preview above. Instead of colors overlapping one to another, it was watercolor and plain water overlapped. Those generate a unique brush stamp for creating any kind of creative design.

This brush collection could be used for graphic sources. You can create stunning posters, flyers, brochures, invitations, and many more projects using this brush stamp as a graphic element for decorating your projects. It may be helpful to create copy space as well, you just need to add text on top of this watercolor brush, and instantly your quotes or text are ready to upload.

Wet on wet watercolor photoshop brush collection provides abr and png files. The png provides you a fixed color and size with a transparent background. Meanwhile, the abr files would let you customize it according to your needs. Creating ornament patterns or texture for background, fabric, packaging, and other projects could be easy and no time consuming as you can create it instantly using this watercolor stamp brush. Just stamp and you can create the same shapes repeatedly within seconds. Anyway, this collection also would let you use it for photo editing, you can use this collection as an overlay to add extra charm to it.

There are abr and png that each file provides 15 watercolor brush stamps. You can use it endlessly and customize it freely to adjust it according to your needs. Creating any project using this collection would be done within seconds only. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to collect it. Without any further ado, you can get this watercolor photoshop brush collection for free by clicking the link below:


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