Free Download 19 Iconic Japanese Symbol

Japanese culture has its fans from all around the world. Usually, they create an event to enjoy the Japanese culture itself. They make or decorate events exactly the same as the actual event in Japan. If you are a fan of a Japanese culture or you want to create it for your client, this package is suitable for you. We’re proudly introducing the iconic Japanese symbol collection that contains various hand-drawn iconic symbols often associated with Japan. There are illustrations of cherry blossoms, oni, daruma, bonsai, katana, fuji mountain, geisha, etc. We created a lot of it.

As you may know, there is an iconic symbol that is associated with viciousness. We created this iconic Japanese symbol in a cartoon style. We illustrate it to give a friendly, cheerful, and funny impression of these symbols. We created it in the cartoon so that this illustration may be more friendly to be used for cross ages design. You can use this collection for any project. You may use it to create an open trip promotion, poster, event backdrop, banner, etc. This collection may be used endlessly.

This collection is provided in vector and png. Using the vector means you can customize it freely to suit your needs. It’s possible to resize and recolor it to suit your whole theme. However, if you want to use it instantly, or if you are not that too familiar with vector, png is an option for you. Png will help you to create stunning creative design easily with its transparent background. It’s ready to be placed instantly on your design.

There are 19 symbols that you can get in this package for free. You can use it for various projects and customize it endlessly. The possibilities of using this collection for any kind of project are endless, the only limitation is your creativity. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring these Japanese symbols more, make sure to download them below:

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