Free Abstract Light Background - Light Leak Overlay

Long exposure photography is an interesting subject to execute. This technique combines stationary and moving objects captured at the same time. The focus is on the stationary object while the moving object gives a motion effect that can beautify the photo taken. The motion effect is captured from the moving object, it can be captured properly by arranging a certain setting such as the slow shutter speed. Simply, using a long exposure photography technique is a little bit complicated, however, it’s worth the pretty photo result.

Even if the long exposure technique is complicated, it’s possible to make a similar long exposure image instantly. Look at the preview above, the photos look like they have a motion effect in it like it was created using long exposure. Whereas, the truth is all of those photos are actually only an overlay effect. Yes, a stunning photo can be created instantly using a magical overlay. A simple overlay can transform a usual photo to be attractive within minutes. To realize it, we’ve created an abstract light background where it was made by capturing light utilizing long exposure photography. The result could be used as an overlay to beautify your photo like the previews above.

It may have similarities to our previous light leak release. However, it’s different since this collection utilizes a long exposure technique and generates light leak overlay with the color tend to be sharper and colorful. This light leak collection also shows the abstract motion blur that makes the photo applied more aesthetic. The abstract motion and blur are a plus for this light leak uniqueness, and the blur effect may make photos look suitable to the retro theme in some way. Shortly, using this collection to process your photo taken could be a good option since the light leak itself with the abstract motion blur authenticity can make your photo more attractive.

This light leak overlay is provided in 37 jpg files. Besides using this collection for overlay only, it’s possible to use it as design background, print, invitations, etc. The colorful abstract motion composition is pretty enough to attract people to use it as a background poster or promotion. There's no doubt that this collection could be used for any project endlessly since there are many overlays provided, however we only provide the complete package for the premium. If you want to use it for free, you can try the demo version where we provide 5 jpgs only. Still, you wouldn’t regret it. If you are interested, just click the link below to download it:

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