Free Prism Photo Effect Template VOL 2

These days, processing photos before uploading on websites and social media is necessary. It’s needed to beautify your photo or image to make them the center of attention. Give it a unique look, such as by giving it an overlay or editing it with distortion like the previews above, it would definitely help you to gain more engagement for your web. However, how is your first impression when looking at the previews above? Do you think it’s a complicated editing process? Did you start to feel stressed before finding it out? Then you don’t need to. It’s actually easy editing, you can make your photo or image similar to the preview with only one click, what an effortless process to get a fascinating photo.

Now, we’re proud to launch pieces of prism photo effect for you. We’ve launched the other prism effect in horizontal order that you can check on our website. What distinguishes it is in this pack, we provide the prism photo effect in vertical order. We give you another option to make you have variation. This photo effect is best for portrait photos because it can highlight the detailed face to look bold and fits for promotion or advertisement. This photo effect may give a good visual for a film poster, event, music, and many more.

There is only 1 psd file in this pack, yes it provides 1 effect only that is exactly the same as the preview above. The way you can edit your photo is easy peasy, you can do it with closed eyes. You can edit with one click by using a smart object tool on photoshop. By editing it, your photo would be distorted like pieces of glass then may have a unique nuance to be served. After you apply the photo effect, you are free to customize it if you want to give it a text to promote something. If you’re going to upload it for social media only, it’s actually uploadable as it is.

This photo effect template eases you to customize it since it’s provided in psd. It’s beneficial to use to make your photo look unique and distinct. Therefore, make sure that you have this photo effect. You can quickly get it by clicking the link below:

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