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If you think that your design is flat and mediocre, you can try to add some texture materials to make it pop out. Adding textures is the easiest way to give details and complex appearances to design. In addition, textures can also make your design have some realistic looks. Giving textures will definitely redesign your project magically, it can give a distinct significantly effortlessly.

We have had a texture summary in our previous post. You can check them to find your fits. And to give you more options, here we give you another list which would be beneficial. There are many textures provided out there, here we only provide you the most recommended textures that are easy to apply and have high quality. Just consider which one you need the most by picking one from the list below.

1. Gradient Abstract

This abstract gradient color has a delicate color combination. The colors are like dancing beautifully to build a mesmerizing colorful texture. This collection is a versatile collection for any need.

2. Crumpled Foil

Crumpled foil textures have their uniqueness for making background or any other graphic needs. It looks shiny and luxurious in some way. On the other hand, the dark foil makes this collection look tender and firm at the same time.

3. Silver Mix Glitter

This pack would give a luxurious impression since this pack consists of various textures having a glittery effect. There are five backgrounds in this collection that can create a glitter texture or overlay for your graphics.

4. Pastel Color Watercolor Stain

This colorful texture is created from pastel colors overlapping one to another improperly. The colors overlapped each other just like the watercolors dabbed using absorbent material, making some overlapped parts look stained.

5. Rainbow Foil Texture

The rainbow color in this foil texture is a reflection of the light on the foil sheet. Yes, it’s created from the foil shot from any perspective, making it have various light reflections. There are two variations in this collection, and they are dark and light versions.

6. Ink Texture

The ink texture collection is here. It can provide a dirt or worn impression to the graphic. The ink textures in this collection are splashed, dots, and other ink applications.

7. Subtle Vector

This texture collection is like dots arranged in the abstract. The dots are set in subtle ways that could give a vintage impression if applied as an overlay. On the other hand, it might give an old effect to the design.

8. Soft Marble

Marble texture is usually used to decorate the floor or wall. In this collection, the marble textures are provided in soft and unique colors. If we often see marble texture in earth tone, it’s in other colors giving a cute impression.

9. Vintage Texture Pack

This vintage texture can create a vintage nuance for photos by using it as an overlay. It’s a simple texture, yet it can give a different impression significantly for the graphic applying this texture. 

10. Abstract Cover

This collection is abstract textures created digitally and for making covers. These are actual abstract shapes arranged in such a way to make them look proper for backgrounds or graphic templates.

11. Painted Marble

This collection provides a different style of marble. If usually, marble texture offers a soft look, then it comes in a striking color combination. The colors are from paints which seem mixed randomly.

12. Spray Seamless Patterns

It’s a seamless pattern collection consisting of various spray paint, stencil, and stylish motifs for your graphic needs. It could be cloth or fabric texture, design background, packaging design, and many more possibilities.

13. Liquid Displacement

Using this liquid displacement makes it possible to create liquid textures from any image source. Shapes or text are also able to use this displacement to make it have a unique appearance. 

14. Halftone Dots

Dots texture to give an innovative appearance for your design is here. The subtle dots have uneven sizes yet still look neat.

15. Butterfly Texture

This collection is a butterfly-inspired texture that is beautifully crafted. It provides any kind of butterfly wing texture in many color combinations. It’s carefully created to make it a unique texture to display.

16. Unique Streets Texture

This collection stands to be different by providing street theme texture for free. The texture provided consists of various textures related to the street. It’s like crumpled paper, a rough wall, ripped paper, and many more.

17. Old Paper

Various old paper textures are provided in this pack. From the crumpled white paper to worn brown paper are there. It may be great for prints such as posters, flyers, digital banners, or social media posts.

18. Glued Paper

Glued paper textures fit for creating a design in street theme. The textures provided are simple and clean. It’s possible to use this collection for overlay, digital posters, and even art print.

19. Marble Texture Collection

It’s a hand-crafted marble with unique shades we’ve never seen before. The color merged using oil paints and acrylics on water. 

20. Animal Print

A distinct texture is provided in this pack. The animal texture is rarely encountered, but it is a realistic look of the skin animal texture, which could be used for digital and print design backgrounds.

21. Paper Tape

Paper tape texture in this collection would give a vintage touch to your creative design. It may give an old yet unique impression for your graphics. In addition, this paper tape texture may give a patch effect on photos, text, or shapes.

22. Brown Wooden Board

This pack provides wooden board textures in a realistic appearance. The texture is brown, and it looks like the wood is arranged in a line to form a board.

23. Vintage Effects

This vintage effect pack consists of some light leaks, overlay textures, and an instant vintage effect. This pack could be an exciting texture since it may make the graphic look old and bring the good old memories back.

24. Geometric Pattern

This collection provides geometric patterns. It looks like a tribal motif that fits a fabric texture design, phone case, or other creative projects.

25. Liquid Glitch

It’s a striking texture collection, the liquid glitch background which combined with some grainy noises. This background looks like having an infrared vision as well. All those combinations make this texture look more stunning.

26. Blue and Red Galaxy

It’s a nuanced night texture with a touch of blue and red color. The texture is made to have the galaxy look, and the red and blue in the dark combined with stars build a beautiful texture.

Those are the list of the textures that we’ve selected for you. You can use them for website background, brochures, posters, print materials, and many more. Textures might give a speck of dirt, grunge, or other effects to your design, giving an impression of a complex crafting technique. But the truth is you can make your design stunning effortlessly.


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