Free Download Torn Paper Photo Effect Template

Some oldies may remember that in the past our teacher usually asked us to make messy collages from magazines and newspapers that we glued to each other by tearing it carelessly. Have you ever thought that that messiness can be what we say aesthetic these days? The messy edges of the paper inspired us to create today’s collection. The torn papers are placed in such a way to build it as graphic art of the photo effect, this is the torn paper photo effect template for you.

This torn paper photo effect provides a template with some levels that can make your photo stunning. It’s only a photo effect where it’s best for portrait photos only. There is no layout design and text, only torn paper effect provided. This photo effect lets you build a creative photo look. The ripped paper with the portrait image, what things that would it generate? It may be a realistic look of the handicraft collages in a digital file. Interesting to execute, isn’t it?

If you want to have this pack, you can get it for free. By downloading it, you can get 1 psd file that contains 2 levels of paper layers. It’s a simple package that also provides a simple way to make a complicated look graphic. Look at the previews above, those are totally stunning where those were edited using this photo effect template only. As we don’t give it any other layout for text or texture, it becomes a versatile graphic. After placing your photo in this effect, you can upload it as it is directly. However, if you want to use it for posters, campaigns, headers, etc., you can add your needs freely. Just be creative as you want it to be.

Even if we mentioned this package is for a photo effect, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use it for any other project. Okay that mainly you use this package to edit your photo, however, when the editing is done, you can use the rest for any kind of project. Just say that this is only for base, next you can edit it unlimitedly. Make sure that you are not gonna miss this collection, if you are interested in this collection, kindly click the link below to download:

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