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Reusable bottle use has become a new trend nowadays. Many products appeal to collect the bottle used to be processed to reuse. Some brands facilitate it, the consumers just need to collect it and brands would handle the rest. Back to nature campaign has been affecting all life aspects, including the advertisement model. It’s built to increase people's awareness towards environmental conditions.

Following this trend, brands compete to make their own bottle edition and let consumers collect it to be used in the next order. And to ease you to make appealing campaigns, here we summarize bottle mockups that could be used for your brands. Whether it’s used just as your proposal for your supervisor or for brand campaigns, both are okay. We give you free mockups therefore it’s up to you to use this collection for anything.

There are many bottle models in this collection. Whether it’s for beverages or cosmetics are provided. We only choose those which have good quality mockups, therefore it would ease you to make a high class advertisement. Without any further ado, you can check the collection below:

It’s a clear glass milk bottle which is filled by white milk. It’s shooted from the front point of view which can showcase the label perfectly. There is a cap on the bottle which the color could be changed easily. And the background as well, it could be customized at will.

It’s a mini glass jar which looks bulk. It’s shooted from the front point of view and there is a space label in it. The label is placed in front so that it could be visible perfectly. It’s a glass in which the contents could be seen clearly. The color of the content inside the bottle itself could be changed.

It’s an empty glass bottle which is equipped with a traditional cap. It’s shooted perfectly from front point of view to visibly the label if it’s placed on the body of the bottle. It might be perfect to promote alcohol, wine, beer, etc.

It consists of 2 objects which are a bottle as well as its package. All the elements are customizable. You can freely change this or that to make it fit your branding needs.

It’s a honey jar in hexagon shape which looks floating. It’s equipped with a large label space which can showcase your branding graphics perfectly. The light reflection makes it more realistic and luxurious.

It’s a matte bottle which stands up and is seen from the front point of view. A simple design might match this mockup best. There is a shadow effect in the bottle which makes it look more realistic.

It’s a beauty product mockup which consists of floating and standing objects. It’s a tube which might be best to promote skin care such as facial wash, face mask, or scrub. It could be used to promote massage or body lotion as well. 

It’s a short and bulk jar glass which might be best to represent jam or mayonnaise products. It’s equipped with a lid and served in an elegant way.

Ceramic material could be an option when it comes to durability and versatility. This mockup gives 3 angles with its wooden cap on it. It might be suitable to showcase design for wedding souvenirs, housewarming gifts, and more. 

It’s originally in white bottle which is made from plastic material. It’s equipped with a flip flop lid color that can be changed as needed.

It’s a glass bottle which is originally brown. However, it’s still transparent therefore it still has an elegant look. The dark color might prevent the oxidation process. It’s suitable to be used for medicine or liquor products.

This serum bottle mockup is provided in dope color which may be best to promote face serum, face oil, or even hair oil treatment. It’s designed in 2 types, they are the composition of gravity and flat composition.

This floating glass jar is a kind of glossy jar which has a shadow effect on its surface to make the look more realistic. It’s in bulk which may be best for promoting food products such as pickles, jam, mayonnaise, or even beauty products such as sugar scrubs, hair treatments, or face creams.

Those are bottle mockups that we could recommend to you for designing product preview. All of the mockups in the list are perfectly best for promoting, advertising, or even inspire you for your next bottle model for your products. Hope you find this list helpful and kindly check them out. 


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