Beauty Product Packaging Mockups Design VOL 1 - PSD File

Beauty product packaging is now available in mockups. I will update some series of bottle packaging mockups, and cosmetic product packaging on this website. in the first series, we created a product packaging project that is often used in cosmetics. This bottle is usually used for cream containers or face wash liquid soap for skin care. You'll get a clean, minimalist and professional mockup design. The background color and bottle can be changed however you like, you just need to pull the png packaging design then press CTRL+S. please download the free photoshop mockups on the link below.

Size: 35 MB Files Included: Badge on T-Shirt Mockups (PSD)

NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

1 Beauty Packaging Mockups VOL 1 (PSD)

1 Beauty Packaging Mockups VOL 2 (PSD)

1 Beauty Packaging Mockups VOL 3 (PSD)


  1. why is this file: Beauty Product Packaging Mockups Design VOL 1 - PSD File, linked to the t-shirt mockup. this link need to be fixed.


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