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The newest display font which is inspired by maso or labyrinth is finally launched. It’s the Maso Font which we proudly provide for free. It’s a kind of display font which is created to stand out. You can check the preview above, just like the maso it looks like it was built as an ornament font. The shape itself makes it look like a geometric font, it’s pointed in every corner. 

At a glance, it might be hard to distinguish letters from one to another. However, it’s perfectly different. The key is using this font in a bigger size, that’s why it’s perfect for display font. If you try to use it for paragraphs, it might ruin the design as a whole and the information might not be well delivered.

As it has been said, it’s categorized as a display font. It’s most suitable to be used for titles, headlines of the news or magazines, highlight the text on flyers, posters, advertising, and more. The block shape of this font is definitely making the board to be the center of attention. This contour font is just mesmerizing in its way.

This font is provided as a vector font. It’s created in bold to make it look more firm. It’s possible to build a logo or symbol using this font. It would definitely stand to be different among the other logos. There is alphabet and number provided in this font, the important component as display font to make it truly functioned to create display text.

By having this font on your collection, you could use this font countless times. You could use it endlessly on any kind of project, just make sure that everything combined is suitable. If you find it interesting to explore this font, quickly click the link below to download:

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