Free DEMO Crystal Light Leak Overlay

Taking a good picture is hard sometimes. We need to be patient, wait, and capture the moment repeatedly to get the photos that we want. However, sometimes, the result isn’t like what we expected. To get over it, we can try to process it digitally to adjust the exposure, clarity, manipulate it, etc. If you have a good photo taken, you can modify it using overlay or light leak to beautify it. The light leak could provide a different impression for your photos taken. It might transform your photos magically, such as change your photo nuance instantly. For example, if you have a regular picture and want it to have a mysterious impression, you can try to add fog overlays or something. Or if you want it to have a dreamy appearance, adding a light leak could be an option. In the end, digital manipulation could be the way out to get the photo expected.

We provide the crystal light leak overlay to give the extra charm for your photos in this pack. It’s a big bundle overlay providing various light leak collections in red, blue, yellow, etc. This crystal light leak is a kind of prism light leak overlay that may give a magic transformation to your photos. This pack would help you to process your photo taken easily. You just need to add it on top of your photo and blend it to generate photos you want. Instantly, you can create a stunning photography result effortlessly.

These light leak overlays might be best for dark photos or those that have low exposure. If you have bad lighting photographed, try to blend it with this crystal light leak, which may help you overcome it. In another case, if you have a boring composition for your photos taken, some crystal touch on your photo might turn it to be more attractive. These crystal or prism overlays would definitely be helpful to make your photos stunning instantly.

We’ve mentioned that this collection is a big bundle overlay. It’s actually true since we offer 150 light leaks to help beautify your photos. However, we provide all those offers in a premium bundle. If you want to get it for free, you can try the demo version that provides only 5 light leaks in it. There is no doubt to get all of this pack in a whole, this collection is worth collecting because it has its uniqueness and authenticity. Look at those previews above, this collection would generate your photos to be extra charming effortlessly. Therefore, if you think you are interested in this collection, don’t be hesitate to download this collection at the link below directly:

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