Free Abstract Watercolor Brush & PNG

If you still remember our previous collection of the circle watercolor brush and png, here we have the same typical collection but in different shapes. To enrich your collection, this is the abstract watercolor brush for you. If the previous collection is the watercolor brush in a circle, this brush collection is in random abstract shapes. It’s created randomly to feature its uniqueness and authenticity.

Still the same as the previous collection, it has a transparent layer to emphasize the watercolor impression. It may give a different impression for your creative design project, it isn’t like most brushes, but it’s a stamp brush that you can use to create a perfectly similar shape to the preview above effortlessly. It may use for creating copy space or element design. Making a copy space would be so fun as you just need to stamp this brush and put whatever text on top of it and stunning quotes or text design is ready to upload.

There are abr and png files provided. The png file contains this collection in fixed shape, color, and size with a transparent background. Meanwhile, the abr makes it possible to treat it like a digital stamp. Just like you stamp something, it would print a perfect shape of the stamp. Once you brush it, it would create a perfect shape like in the preview. What makes it different is that you can customize the size and the color freely because it’s a digital stamp. You just need to adjust it according to your needs and instantly you could create a stunning element for your design. With its simplicity of using this brush stamp, creating background texture, branding and packaging, fabric pattern, and many more projects is possible to be an easy task to do.

There are 15 brushes provided that each brush is in abr and png. Creating creative designs from scratch could be fun and easy. Therefore, as we provide this collection for free, make sure that you are not going to miss this collection. The possibility of use is endless, you can use it for copy space, texture or pattern, packaging and branding design, and many more. If you are interested in collecting it, kindly click the link below to download it:

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