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The more you grow, the more you need some simple entertainment to enjoy the time. The minimalist concept for a simple life might help. It may increase the mindfulness and awareness of the present. And lately, many people are interested in the minimalist concept of life and it impacts any life aspects including how they arrange their home to how brands promote their value. To meet the demand, we tried to create an abstract contour lines collection and today it’s ready to be shown for you.

It’s an abstract design arranged by contour lines and shapes, a minimal composition arranged in such a way to build an abstract aesthetic design. This abstract is designed with a negative space style with a boho color filled. The contour lines and shapes look like it’s a beautiful pattern to make the design not dull. The abstract shape is positioned in the middle surrounded by negative space that can be used to put text or something. However, without any added item it has been pretty to display.

This abstract contour lines and shapes collection have endless possibilities to use for any project. It has vector and JPG version that 12 abstract designs provide each. The boho touch makes this design have a calm and comfy impression. It makes this abstract design possible for home decoration such as wall art, pillowcases, etc. It’s possible to print it on fabric to make it display in a larger size. You can realize it freely since it also provides a vector format that makes it possible to customize the escalation endlessly.

Simply, this collection is suitable for any project. If you want an instant design, you can use the JPG. And if you want to customize it first, you can use the vector. Those flexibilities make this collection available for background, poster, flyer, and any other graphic element. You can use it to create creative designs easily without worrying about its quality. In short, this abstract contour lines and shapes collection is helpful and useful for your creative project element. If you are interested in this collection, just click the link below to download:

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12 Abstract Contour Lines Vector (EPS + JPG)

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