Free 14 Texture for Graphic Design

Do you want to make your graphics to be distinct by putting some unique appearances? Or you want to make it look like it has a kind of realistic look on your design? Simply you can make it by only adding these textures on your graphic. Here we have summarized various texture materials that would easily be added on your graphic to give some realistic appearances of the real thing. There are various patterns in this summary, they are holographic textures which have a rainbow color, luxurious textures in silver, rose gold, and unique peachy cream, natural textures of wood, leaf, and any plant, digital crafted textures, concrete, plastic, etc. all of them are provided in this summary. We have selected textures in high quality only, therefore you can make sure that these textures would definitely fit any kind of your needs.

1. Rose Gold Foil Textures

A distinct texture is coming in rose gold color. The rose gold is combined with gold foil, leather, concrete, and any other surface to establish a magnificent material for decorating your graphics.

2. Modern Marble Textures

Marble patterns may make our design easy to look at. Marble may give an enjoyable and cool sensation. These patterns may be used for any kind of project such as phone cases, fabric design, tote bags, and many other art prints are also possible.

3. Rainbow Grainy Gradient

Just like the usual gradient textures but it has a grainy noise on top of it. The colorful gradient makes the background look cheerful and with the grainy added makes it look calmer and gentle.

4. Holographic Texture

Backgrounds with rainbow shimmering texture effect. There are 5 backgrounds provided in this pack which may make your any kind of project become more stunning. 

5. Holographic Texture Images

A crumpled foil sheet background pack which reflects an uneven shiny effect on its surfaces. The effect provided is in subtle texture which makes it look soft. These holographic textures would give a glittering and glow effect for the graphics.

6. Peach and Cream Textures

A stand out texture would make your design to be the center of attention. This is a peachy cream color texture which gives a warm yet luxurious impression for your graphics. Luxurious packaging and branding may need this kind of texture the most.

7. Sparkly Silver Foil Texture

Various textures in silver color which give shining effects. It’s nice to be a background and can be used as a clipping mask to decorate any kind of text, shape, logo, and any other design.

8. Bubble Wrap Textures

Bubble wrap textures which are crafted with real photos of bubble wrap plastic in pieces. It may give a grungy packaged effect for your graphics to showcase the realistic side of your design.

9. Abstract Textures

A texture collection which is crafted using digital techniques generates stunning patterns in abstract style. This pack provides 5 backgrounds which one to another has its uniqueness due to their abstract pattern.

10. Illustration Element Pattern

Digital texture pattern created in a creative way. It’s a memphis illustration which is best to put on any kind of graphics. It’s seamless and provided in many colors to ease you for creating many products such as t-shirts, phone cases, fabric patterns, and more.

11. Concrete Texture Images

Various shades make you have many options to produce your creative project. These concrete textures in grey with any kind of surface provided would become a helpful material for your product presentation, digital collage, or portfolio showcasing.

12. Japanese Paper Texture

Japanese culture is hard to get rid of from our daily life. It has its own place for people around the world. This freebie provides Japanese traditional ornaments on oriental paper motifs. It may bring the charm of Japanese approach to packaging. 

13. 8 Background Textures

This pack is provided by various texture surfaces in many colors. From wooden to damaged wall paint are provided in such a way to make your presentation, blogs, desktop, etc to be unique.

14. Organic Vector Textures

For those who love natural creatures might be interested in this package. This pack provides many organic textures to create a distinct graphic. The textures provided are vegetables, fruits, waving ocean, plants, and many more. This texture might be best to create a simple texture, logo, or symbol for your things.

Those are the selected textures to complete your design needs. You can use them for background or wallpaper alone, or if you want it to be more stunning you can use it for clipping masks for your text, logo, shape, and anything. The textures on your graphic may generate a graphic to look like it has special techniques to be crafted. Whereas, all we need is only various textures to be put on our design.

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