Free Basic Shape in Various Patterns - Vector

Sometimes, geometric shapes look boring and unworthy to be applied to design. However, basic shapes could be an exciting element to use if it’s improved in such a way. Look at the preview above, those are the basic shapes that are processed to be many new shapes. It’s a basic minimalist shape. Those shapes are the basic shapes given texture to make it look different and refresh the usual concept.

These new shapes give a fresh concept to your design because it provides a futuristic or modern touch. Each shape has its uniqueness such as a smooth transition, distortion, blend, 3d effects, and other textures. It’s only a minimalist texture used to make it not exaggerated. Even if it’s improved in a minimalist style, you may be able to use it for any design. It may be a logo design, t-shirt, postcard, ornament patterns, graphic element, business cards, etc.

This collection provides PNG and Vector format. If you want to use it easily without making adjustments, you can go with the PNGs. Otherwise, it has a fully editable version that makes it easy to customize it according to your needs. It’s also scalable, you can scale it on any size without worrying that it would decrease its quality. Therefore, the possibility of using this background for projects is endless.

The total of this collection is 30 shapes. However, we provide the premium and demo versions. If you want the whole 30 shapes, you can take the premium version. If you are not sure, you can try the demo version that provides 9 shapes. All these shapes are stunning and able to make recognition and uniqueness for your design. It’s beneficial to make a stand out design using this collection. If you find these minimalist shapes are interesting, kindly click the link below to download:

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