Ways to Make Money from Lettering

If you think you are skilled in lettering, then you can make money with it. It may need less effort and it’s possible that you can find it as an interesting job to do. As you love what you do, making money from lettering could be fun. However, if you haven’t found any way how you can make money from your skill, here we are going to explain to you some opportunities that you might need to try. 

  • Selling Your Product Digitally

You can sell your lettering without needing to print and ship them, moreover you can sell them many times. That’s the benefit of digital goods, it might be sold many times endlessly. You can use some websites that specifically for artwork to sell yours. You can sell your font, layout template, logo, and more. It might bring a passive income as well as it might be still promising in the future.

Then, there are so many digital products that might be sold, how can you decide which item that you need to sell? You can try to find what is currently trending and make it as inspiration. As it’s a trend, then people might want to be up to date. Or another way is you can try to solve other problems or maybe your own problems and create some creative stuff to solve it. Trending is always changing, therefore it always needs something new to refresh.

  • Selling Prints

Showcasing your artwork on your social media becomes common in order to build a portfolio for artists. However, despite only sitting there it may be better to print and sell them. There are two ways to execute this, you can use the Print on Demand services and create, print, and sell your product yourself. The simplest and less stressful way is using the Print on Demand services. 

Using the Print on Demand services means that you upload your lettering on their website and you may specify what product that may be able to be printed using your lettering. The rest of the processes that are printing, selling, packing, and shipping your product would be done by them. You don’t need to pay any up front, you might not need to lose some even if your product is not salable. The minus is, you might get less income because you need to share your revenue with the platform.

While if you want to create, print, and sell your product by yourself it may allow you to look after the quality of your product and you may gain earnings more. However the downside is you may need to be ready for the up front money and make sure that you know your audience and market. Even if there are some that comment on your post that they would buy from you, sometimes they wouldn’t due to their wallet condition.

  • Making Font

Have you ever thought that you can create your own font and maybe used by many people? You can actually and it may be able to give you some passive income for the rest. You can start to try to find out what is the current trend for the inspiration for your own font. If you follow the trend you might be able to create a display font type. It may be suitable to use for titles, websites header, logo, or whatever to be highlighted. It may be used by other designers in order to catch the attention. you make you art and it's used by many people, sound interesting isn't it?

  • Open for Commission

You can start to open your commission for a wedding invitation, place name, or whatever text written. Some personal touch might be most sought as it gives the exclusivity. Wedding projects might be the most interesting field to attract. Moreover you can try to make some quotes, motivational text, or maybe a verse of the book. Showcase your artwork and it may bring clients for you. 

Despite only writing on the paper, now it’s common to make artwork on objects such as guitar, sewing, loom, and much more. Try to offer your services to your friends or family, you can make it free sometimes, and let them tell their circle about your work. Let the word of mouth power work, as it still becomes the most powerful tool for promotions. Let people know that you can do the services and when they need it you might be the one in their mind.

  • Teaching

Even if you have a career in it and become a professional, there are still so many beginners. It’s always good to try sharing what you have to the other, knowledge is no exception. You can try to start with the Skillshare and share your teaching video there. There might be many people who would watch your video. Beside they’ll give incomes for you, it may be possible that they would become your new clients or new audience for your other platforms. In addition, you may be able to conduct a private class. It may cost you more yet it may give you more income and give your student a more intensive learning, a win-win solution for both.

Those are some ways that you can try to make money from lettering. Those five may be able to be broken down more. From those five, you might start to confuse which one that you need to do. Actually you might be able to do some, however as a beginner, to make the adjustment for new activities, you can start to do one or two. Then when you have found your balance, you might start the other. The challenge is how you can manage your time to do those activities, however if you have been getting used to it, the struggle would pass. Don’t be afraid to start and find yourself in a supportive environment, it might convince you to grow your skill more and gain income from your skill. Good luck!

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