Free Collage Pop Up Photo Effect Template

The newest collection has been coming, it’s the Collage Pop Up Photo Effect Template. The pop up itself gives a different impression, it gives the 1st effect which makes it look like it has dimension. The pop up is arranged in abstract and in various sizes, however those make the template look more artistic.

This collection can be mentioned as an art collage with the random puzzle images. It’s a portrait effect template which means it’s best for portrait images. Put 2-4 images in this template and magically it would make your photo to be artsy. The black and white color of these templates make it look more stunning.

The artistic look of the templates makes the result cool to be printed. You can use the art print for room decoration. Beside that, you might be able to use it for poster design. It may be best to promote art exhibitions, theater, musical shows, and any other related art event.

The templates are available in PSD format. You can easily turn your image to this artistic look by using the smart object tool. You need to prepare 2-4 photos to make this look and once you turn the smart object tool your photos would be arranged in those ways automatically.

This pop up effect template would definitely make your photo amazing. There are only one templates that you can use, all of them just appealing. We’re offering the templates for free, therefore if you find this collection is interesting, make sure to have them by click the link download below:

Collage Pop Up Photo Effect Template - (PSD)

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