Software for Making Your Own Fonts!

We are going to talk about a new topic for today, that is about font. Creating our own font becomes interesting since it may build our own character on design or anything. It may be a solution when we can’t find a font that we want to use for our design. Therefore, the first thing that we are gonna share with you is how to start to make your own font. In this article we will list for you some software that you can use to create fonts. One to another may have plus and minus, you can try to find out yourself and find which one is the most suitable for you. Without any further ado, here are the software that worth to start with: 

Glyphs app is an exclusive app to create fonts on Mac. You can easily create your font just like create any other stuff in vector creator. Yes, briefly it works like you create a font in another app like Illustrator. Because it’s an app that is specifically used to create fonts, it has so many options to make your font much better and easier during the process. There are two types of Glyphs apps that you can choose, they are Glyphs mini and Glyphs. The difference is the features offered. You can try the Glyphs mini to start with, then upgrade to the main Glyphs while getting better, better skill and better income. Both are provided a 30 days trial for free.

It’s a free website where you can build your own font easily. You can create a font by downloading the template that you want to choose. There are several templates that you can choose. Download your template and you can fill it digitally or manually by printing it out. After you are finished, you can upload it to the web and you can generate it to be font. You can make some customization before finally downloading it in otf or ttf format.

A web based application that you can use to create a font. You can easily construct your font here. There is a grid to draw to and some strokes that can be used to create a font. The grid can be scaled up to many times so that it can make you free to experiment.  In this app you are allowed to export what you create to be font directly. You don’t need another app to make it font. The font exported can be saved privately or publicly. You have a full right over it.

This is an app font creator that can be operated on iPad, iPhone, and computer. The way you create a font using this app is, you will be provided by grid lines to control you where to draw a font. You’ll be easier to draw a font because there is an example of each so that you can follow the shape and you can choose the pen stroke to draw a font. After you have finished, you are allowed to take a look at how if that’s arranged in words, so that it may be possible to fix it before you build it as a font. You can save it publicly or privately. If you save it in public, it means that whoever can download it and may have it. However, for private means that you may be able to upload it on another website or even make it commercial.

Fontself is an extension for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can easily create your font using this extension. Firstly, you need to create your font in Illustrator or Photoshop. Then after you have finished, you can direct to find the extension, usually it’s in Windows then the Extension and choose the Fontself extension. Then the command box might appear. Make sure to arrange your font and you can directly drag the font to the extension and it’ll automatically generate your font.

If Glyphs is exclusive for Mac, then if you are a Windows user you can try the Fontlab. Fontlab offers for both Windows and Mac and has similarities with the Glyphs. You can easily create your fonts just like you create on Illustrator but in a way much better. Again, it’s because Fontlab is specifically used to create fonts. It’s offered as a paid app, however it’s definitely easy to use and make your experience while creating font fun. It provides variety ranges from free to paid in various numbers, what differs is the features offered.

That’s all the seven software that can be used to create your font. There is free and paid software which obviously has the plus and minus itself. Even if some software is offered for free, it sometimes requires some fee or need to upgrade to a premium one to access more features. Find your best one, whether the fee or the features offered. 

Enough for this article. Hopefully you find it useful and see you next!


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