Free DEMO Water Drop Texture Overlay

A winter nuance, a cold weather which gives a warm photography impression. The Water Drop Texture Overlay collection is here to help you build a winter nuance for your captured moment. It’s dew water drop textures on a transparent glass window which would illustrate that you’re capturing from the other side of the window.

The overlay effect is just like water bubbles which stick to transparent glass from the rain drops. Combining this overlay with photos might build a gloomy or cheerful warmth atmosphere, depending on the photo used. The abstract pattern of the water drops and a blur effect make the overlays more realistic.

This texture overlay collection could be used for photography overlay. More than that, it’s possible to use it for background or apply it on beverages mockup to give a cooling or freezing sensation on promotions. It could give a glass effect on design as well.

This collection is provided in JPG format. You could apply it using any kind of graphic app. For instance, you could use Photoshop. You could put it on top of the layer image and activate the screen mode. It’s absolutely easy to use.

There are 17 water drop textures in this collection. You can get three of them for free in the demo version. If you want to have all of them, choose to download the premium one. It’s helpful to edit your photo to make it more natural. If you find it interesting to explore with this collection, just click the link below to download:

3 Water Drop Texture Overlay - (JPG)

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