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A cute font for a cute design, we’re proudly introducing the Pixless Font. This font is inspired by pixel art and lego game. It’s provided in an old game style and looks cheerful just like childhood, which as a kid would be happy by only playing a game.

Using this font for your design might build a happy atmosphere and bring back to old school memory. Couldn’t be denied, old themes such as vintage and retro are best to use this font. Old themes are never wrong.

This font is designed as a simple font for both display and paragraph font. The use of this font is flexible, you can use this for anything. It’s best for titles, headlines, and even a usual paragraph. There are uppercase and lowercase fonts that support the flexibilities.

Pixless Font provided in OTF format which means it’s easy to use on any kind of app as long as you’ve installed it on your computer. A happy atmosphere to give a soul on design and the easy way to use the font, what a combination!

This font would make your design to be appealing as its font is striking. Make sure to collect this as we’re offering this font for free. If you want this on your collection, just click the link below to download:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 313 Kb}

Pixless font - (OTF)

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