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After we’ve listed the online tools that would help you to generate a color scheme, here we would give you more. However, it's different. In this part we’re going to give you more lists about color schemes which are actually ready to use. You don’t need to try to generate one to another color that might suit your taste, in this list below you’re served by various ready to use color palettes. It might suit you if you are the one that is looking for ideas or you don’t have any idea about what color that you want to use and what you’re doing is just trying to find a color that makes you, “aha, this is my color scheme!”.

Okay, without any further ado here is the lists that we’ve compiled:

In this website you would be served by various hand-picked color palettes that are ready to use. If you continue to scroll down, we don’t know where the end is. It’s always updated everyday and it’s been established since 2015. So, can you imagine how many color palettes in it? You can browse color on this website in some ways. You can filter it based on popularity, newest update, the trend, and you could browse it randomly as well. You don’t need any registration if you want to pick a color palette from this website, it’s provided for free.

Who doesn’t know Canva? Instead only use Canva to design online, Canva also provides many color palettes inspiration. There are a lot of palettes on this website. And if you click one it would direct you to the page that displays an image that has the same color palette to what you’ve clicked. And below the image, there are more color palettes related. Again, you don’t need any registration to access this color palette recommendations in Canva, you can access it for free.

Coolors could be a color palette generator, however it also provides color palettes to explore. It provides many color schemes that could be filtered based on trending, latest update, and popularity. You can see the palette in detail and it’s possible to open it on the generator which means that it could be customized. The color palette provided also lets us export the palette into some formats (CSS, AES, code, PDF, etc.)

Color-hex provides thousands of color palettes in simple. However, I don’t think that I can enjoy exploring this website. It's hard to explore because it’s confusing how to filter. There is a search bar, you can find your color by typing some keywords there. It's been established since 2010 however I don’t think the developer wants to upgrade the users experience while using their web. Still, it provides many color palettes recommended.

It’s a unique website for its categorize. It provides color palettes by generating color schemes from images. It also categorizes the color palettes neatly. The color palettes from nature images are mesmerizing in some way and there are a lot of them.

Those are our web recommendations that provide color palettes that could be your escape place to find inspirations. If you think you are stuck with your project, try to find other resources that could be a help to cope. Hope you find it helpful and see you!

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