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New pattern to complete your creative design is finally launching!

Today we have the Wild Animal Skin Vector Collection that would suit your any project needs. These are various skin animal patterns which are illustrated so that they have a cartoon look. It provides skin of various animals in various colors. Obviously, it all has a natural color which are brownish yellow and black.

There are six skin animals that you can choose in this collection. It’s likely that this collection provides beautiful skin animals such as tiger, zebra, jaguar, and so on. It’s not a seamless pattern, however you can definitely use them on any kind of project. You could use it for packaging patterns, decorate tumbler, sticker, t-shirt, and more. The use is endless just like your creativity.

This collection is provided in EPS which means that it’s vector and means that you can freely customize it according to your needs. However, we bring the color as it best, so changing the color isn’t recommended. Still, you can freely scale up this collection up to many times without reducing its quality.

Combine this collection with your imagination, therefore it may bring an unexpectedly mesmerizing result. As natural themes become trendy these days, having this collection is necessary. Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss the trend by downloading this collection. You can directly click the link below to grab them fast:


{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 949 Kb}

6  Animal Skin Vector Collection - (EPS)

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