VAU Fonts: Generate Your Text Effect Instantly

Hi, we’ve found a website where you are able to build a bitmap font text instantly. You won’t be facing difficulties as the website eases you by providing features that are easy to use. It’s most suitable for you who are not an expert in Photoshop or Illustrator and trying to make a bitmap font to complete your design. It’s interesting since it can be customized according to your needs.

The website that we are talking about is the VAU Fonts. Type the VAU Fonts on Google and most likely the website would appear at the top of the result. Here, as we introduce this website, let’s start to build a bitmap font using this platform. On the first page you might landed with this display:

The patterns itself is where you can preview your text. In the right top of the preview, there is a download button and the dimension template options. There are many templates that you can choose to suit your any creative project. It may be ratio, templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. It’s helpful because you can customize it without needing to know the exact ratio for social media.

Below the preview, there is a blank space. It’s where you can type your words and beside it is the size of your display screen. It may be low, medium, and high. Adjust it to your convenience. And below them, there are presets and setting buttons. Presets means you can choose the template  theme that you can apply for your font. While the setting is where you can customize your font more details instead of applying the preset.

Here, I type “congratulations!” word. We can customize the display font using the setting button. First thing that we can do is choose the font that we love. There are several fonts, however the negative is fonts provided are outdated. There are only a few which can be used since some are timeless. Let’s try to use the Raw Bananas, I think it’s still fit these days.

Besides the font customization, you are able to customize the position of the text. If you checked the options above, most likely it means that you are using the auto or default position from the program. However, if you unchecked it, you are able to customize it on your own. For example above, because the Auto fit Y isn’t checked then we’re able to scale it by moving the point. The function of fit X and fit Y are likely to position the size of the text on the screen. The center X means that you can customize the horizontal position, while the center Y means you can customize the vertical position.

Next, there is Letter Layout. In this setting you are able to customize the layout of your text. You can customize the space between characters, the space between lines, the scalation of the character, and the last is the rotation of the character. I think it’s an interesting tool which helps us customize our text in a unique way.

Next setting is the color customization. It’s like the color setting generally. You can choose the color that you want then you might be able to adjust the hue itself. I think this color setting could be improved more. It could provide more complex adjustments such as the saturation and transparency or others.

Jump to the next setting, you can add the shadow for your text so that it can look like it has dimensions and realistic look. You’re able to customize the sharpness of the shadow, the length itself, the color, the position, and also the opacity or transparency.

Go to the next setting, you can customize the background. The setting is beside the Shadow. However, again I think the background options provided are outdated and what’s more negative is we aren’t able to upload our own background. That’s why I consider choosing the transparent one. 

The last three settings are the Overlay, Random which I don’t exactly know what function it is, and Animation. Let’s skip those because I don’t think that we want to use them. The Overlay would let you customize the overlay or color of the entire element including the text and the background. Random, I don’t know what it is. And the Animation would let you customize the animation if you’ve made the text animation (you can make it as animation at the Letter Layout setting, just explore it).

After all of those customizations, you can instantly download your text by clicking the download button on the right top corner (beside the ratio). And here is the final result that we’ve made:

Even if I mention that some of the features are outdated, you could make the best one if you are able to mix and match it properly. Just don’t be afraid to explore and you may generate a pretty text instantly.

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