Gala402 Display Font - Free Download

Introducing our new font collection, this is the Gala402 Display Font. This font has a firm shape which makes it look luxurious and elegant. There are alphabet, numeric, and symbol provided. It provides what is usually needed completely.

This font provides uppercase only. It has a long and bold character. Those are suitable for display font needs. It’s well-matched to use this font for titles on posters, flyers, logotypes, text cover, and more. Any kind of design would be okay, as it looks flexible to be put on anything.

Using this font for your text would highlight them. It’s striking and may make the text itself visible from afar. It may catch people’s attention in some way. Therefore, using this font for product promotions, events, any kind that may need to be the center of attention is best.

This font has the OpenType format (OTF). You are able to change the color to suit your design. That’s why we mentioned that this font is flexible to be used on any kind of design. As we offer this font for free and may have endless possibilities to be used on anything, make sure that you’re not gonna miss this collection. Kindly click the link below to make it yours:

{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 2 Mb}

Gala402 Font - (OTF)

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