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Today we are excited to introduce you to the Cute Skull Vector Illustration. It’s a collection of various skulls illustrated in a cute and appealing way. It’s a minimal illustration, can be mentioned as an icon, and provided in uncolored. However, the details of each illustration make it more interesting to use.

In this collection, there are 10 cute illustrations. All of them are human skulls illustrated in cartoons, however it has different details one to another. There is a skull with a hat, helmet, a straw on top of it, wings as ears, and more. It doesn’t like other skull illustrations which might give a horror or mystic impression, it has a funny look and is more to be funky. Definitely, it’s an interesting collection.

It has many possibilities to be applied to. You might be able to use them as an icon, logo, or symbol alone. Or you might find it interesting to decorate on posters, flyers, or promotions of horror comedy using this collection. You might be able to explore more with this collection endlessly. Collaborate it with your creative ideas and it may generate a mesmerizing result.

This collection is provided in EPS. It means that you have a vector of this collection and are able to make customization freely. You are able to scale up this collection up to many times without worrying that it might reduce the quality. Therefore you are able to use it on any medium and still be okay even if it’s a large medium.

These cute, appealing, and unique icons are definitely interesting to have and use. Don’t miss this collection and click the download below to get them:

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10 Cute Skull Vector Illustration - (EPS)

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