Free Websites to Showcase Your Creative Portfolio

As graphic designers we need to make people notice our works. We could showcase our works on websites or social media or any other platform. However, social media is just social media. You could showcase it there, however it might not be as detailed as on particular websites for artists. 

And today there are many websites that provide a place where designers or whoever in the creative field can build their creative portfolio. It can be functioned as a place to showcase their work so that it can attract clients, can be used to share ideas with other designers, and even communicate with other designers and clients.

Since there are so many websites and you might be confused which one would be most beneficial, here we try to summarize them and give you recommendations. In this summary we will only recommend you the free websites, considering newbies are reading this article, so that it can save their money first.

Behance is an online platform supported by Adobe where you can showcase your work and discover other creative work. In this website the work is showcased in the form of profiles composed of Project. It’s a group of images, videos, and other contents which have a related theme or process. Every project has its own URL that can be shared across the web as well as the View and Appreciation. So that you can track how many people have seen and appreciated your work. 

This website is built for designers particularly. This is a website where you can discover and connect with other designers and any other creative talent all around the world. It’s possible to find your inspiration to create your project and even get hired through this website. You can meet your client easily since it’s one of the most popular websites for artists. It has similarities with Behance, the difference is in Dribbble only allowed to post the screenshot of the work, not a work in detail.

Blogger is not explicitly built for designers, however there are many designers who use this website to showcase their creative work. It’s a free website by Google where actually you can post anything in. It’s different to Behance or Dribble which can be operating such as social media, where the account we follow might appear on our timeline, or the popular post or account would appear in the homepage, Blogger doesn't. If you are a designer itself, you might need to promote or attach your Blogger in another account as well so that people might know that you have it. And the other tips, you might need to do SEO so that your portfolio might appear in search engines.

It is built like Blogger, where it provides a free platform where you can create your own website or blog. However, using WordPress means you are using a more complicated platform. The principle is the same, you may need to promote your URL in the other platform to get exposure. However, how you want your portfolio to be looked at can be customized freely using WordPress. You can customize it according to your needs even if it needs some complicated processes. You have full control over your WordPress.

DeviantArt might be the first platform built for artists. It used to be a platform where artists can find their community and sharing. However, there were some issues for years that made the community start to find an alternative. Now, the problem is solved. However, the majority of the community has been leaving the website and impact on the engagement rate. Still, DeviantArt has its loyal users and worth posting there. However, it isn’t as engaged as it used to be.

You could use Adobe Portfolio for free if you’ve any Adobe Creative Cloud plan. This platform allows you to build a portfolio of your creative work quickly and easily. It’s possible for you to integrate your Adobe Portfolio to Adobe Lightroom, and what’s in Lightroom would automatically update on Portfolio. Besides that, you could easily connect to Behance as well since Behance is also fully supported by Adobe. 

You can use tumblr as social media blogging, where you can publish a short blog post on this platform. It’s good to post videos, images, or any other thing in short, therefore it’s one of the platforms where designers can build their portfolio. Though this platform has been left by its audience since the issue two years ago, Tumblr is still relevant nowadays. It’s likely that most of the audience on this website are 25yo or below. 

In ArtStation, it’s more focused on how to help artists giving them exposure to get the job opportunities. It works where the company or organization that needs artists for them would find the talent through this website. It can be said that this website is relatively young, however it has been making a positive impact for artists to make their life. In ArtStation, it’s possible for artists to get tools to improve skills and boost their career in art.

Those are the platforms that might be most popular to showcase your portfolio these days. You can choose which one is the most comfortable for you or which one will most accommodate your needs. You might find it at once or you need to try some to finally find your best match, or it’s possible to run some of them at once, just maintain it according to your needs.


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