Free 4 Woman Side View Portrait Flat Design - Vector


Feminism and women empowerment has been becoming a big issue these days. This movement exists caused by there are still many women and girls facing the discrimination and violence in all around the world. Sometimes, it’s sad when the discrimination also comes from fellow women. Moreover, women are likely considered less valuable than men which make women have less opportunity to develop themselves.

Here, to support and approve that gender equality is important especially to support women equality so that they can get the same opportunity wherever they are, we provide the Woman Side View Portrait Flat Design in vector.

It’s a flat design illustration of several woman portraits with various skin colors, various hair colors, and various shapes of hair and eyes. There are four of them, they are illustrated in the same way to encourage and convince women that they have the same opportunity and the same value one to another whatever their physical looks are. They have the same rights to get what they deserve, the freedom of speech and choice, free from fear, the same opportunity to develop themselves, and get the same treatment in the workplace and community.

The campaign by feminist and whoever agree with the movement is always up over and over, however the inequality still exists. Therefore the campaign won’t stop until women get what they deserve wherever they are. You can represent your support by joining the campaign, you can use our illustration to be a part of the movement. Definitely, you can execute your campaign at best.

This portrait illustration is provided in vector. Therefore you might use this collection endlessly. You might use this for digital or conventional campaigns, both are okay. You can support by posting on social media, creating stickers and any other merchandise, making banners, posters, and more. The vector won’t reduce its quality even if applied on any medium. You are free to use this on anything.

Make sure that you’re not gonna miss this. This women movement is important to achieving a more peaceful, a prosperous world. Click the link below to download them directly:

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Woman Head Flat Design - (PSD)

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