free 6 Dorky Instagram Story Template Design

For you who are looking for a striking template for your Instagram story, try to check this collection. This is a Dorky Instagram Story Template Design. It could be most suitable for you as this collection is provided tacky and obviously it could make your post to be attention. The color combination used in this collection contrasts one to another, however it’s still in harmony.

These tacky and colorful designs actually build a cheerful impression for this collection. Those impressions make it look easy to attract people’s attention. If you want people to pay attention to your post, then this template is perfect for you. However, as this is provided tacky, it’s best to post something casual, if you want to post some serious or formal post then better you consider it more.

There are six templates in this collection and all of them are provided in a PSD file. As it’s in PSD, it’s easy to edit and customize it as you wish. It’s possible to edit the text, color, and also the image or photo used. If you find the way, you’ll probably be able to switch it so that it won’t be tacky. As it’s editable, it’s possible to use it for your personal branding and you can customize it depending on your personality or how you want to be known.

Many possibilities to use this collection and it could be endless since it’s provided editable. Just explore it with your creative ideas then it could be possible to create something new from this collection, and of course the effort is easier since you don’t need to create it from scratch. Creating project using this collection could be fun in some way, therefore make sure to download this collection by click the link below:

Dorky Instagram Story Template - (PSD)


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