free Download 48 Web Aplication Icon Set - Vector

For you who are on the way to design or build a web or application, this collection could be most suitable for you.

We’re proudly presenting the Web Application Icon which we’ve created in a minimal and simple way. It’s created in a minimalist style which you can see in the preview above that it’s provided in minimal line and shape. There are 48 icons, all of them are the basic icon navigation for web and application.

Instead of only using this for web or application purposes, it’s possible to use this collection for print or decorate any kind of your design. It’s simple and the chance to combine this collection with everything is endless, therefore just try to mix and match this according to your imaginations and it may generate a beautiful unexpected result.

These icons are created in flat line icons which may have similarities with line art, it’s built by lines. It’s provided in EPS format, it means that these icons are fully editable and can be scaled on any size even on bigger size without reducing its quality, it wouldn’t pixelate. That’s why, we’ve mentioned that it’s possible to use this collection for other purposes.

This collection is interesting to explore and experiment with, if you find it the same way, make sure to click the link below to download:

Web Aplication Icon - (EPS)

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