Free Selective Focus Poster Design Template

If you are looking for any ideas for your poster design, try to take a look at this post. More than an idea, we provide ready poster templates to ease you on designing it. It’s a selective focus poster design template. It’s a poster design where there are blurred areas to make the attention focusing on certain parts. However, we could see it as a whole and it looks cool anyway.

These poster templates have a minimal element in it. It could be best for digital posters such as for social media posts or website banners. Rather than promoting advertisements, it might be best to promote company or personal branding design. It represents the modern and sport design, it could be meaning as a movement and growth. Even so, if you are willing to use this poster for print, it’s possible. Just use these templates according to your preferences freely.

These templates are provided as an editable template in PSD format. Therefore, it’s possible for you to change the font to customize it as you wish. Other than that, the image also could be changed as well. You are free to make some customization so that it could represent the personal touch from the designer. Moreover, it could represent whoever wants to use this template as their personal branding tools.

There are 2 templates in this collection. Both are appealing. How the text, image, and the blurry effect are combined generates a stand out poster design. It’s a must have item to collect. You can edit and customize it freely and endlessly. If you are interesting to explore with it, make sure to click the link below to download:

Selective Focus Poster Design - (PSD)

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