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Have you ever thought that you need an alternative to create your creative design? You may need these vector stocks to ease you in this case. It provides templates, illustrations, or elements that may be complementary for your project. To avoid that you use overused vectors, we give you some alternative vector stocks that may suit you. It might avoid your design being the same as another design. If you think you need these things, check them below:

Vecteezy has millions of stunning vector illustrations on its website. It has an active community which continuously adds fresh content to contribute to the website. It has free assets, yet it also has some paid assets. There are several options to choose the budget while you are going to use the paid assets. It has simple licensing, however it’s always necessary to understand the terms before using the vector assets from any website.

Pixabay might be popular as a photo or image stock which is mostly in raster format. However, you need to know that Pixabay also provides vectors and it’s offered for free. What is interesting, vector stock in Pixabay might be free for any commercial use and no need for attribution. However, if you want to donate to the author, Pixabay facilitates it.

This website also provides vectors for free. It’s mentioned on its page that they are young and creative people that want to make a useful website, they are creating many vectors which are published daily. Each vector uploaded on this website may have different licenses one to another, therefore it’s necessary to make sure of each vector license before downloading it.

This website provides vector images in various formats such as SVG, AI, and EPS. It mentions that it provides around 65,000 vector images. What’s interesting, it offers vectors as copyright-free. The contributors have waived all copyright. Users are free to edit, distribute, and use the resources for unlimited commercial uses.

On Vector Stock there are premium and free vector images. It’s mentioned on its page, even if you need to pay for the premium images, it’s not premium prices. It serves some options for payment if you are interested to download the premium images. Anyway, even if they are premium and free, the free images aren't bad quality. It’s a good choice to explore this website to find your vectors. 

Vector Me doesn’t provide many resources. However it’s worth to explore because it’s possible to find some valuable and unique vectors. The vectors are offered for free, however each vector may have a different license one to another and it’s necessary to give attribution when using the vectors.

This website provides free and premium vectors. If you want to have the premium one, you need to register yourself as a premium member. On its license page, it’s mentioned that you can use all the assets in this website for free personally, however the attribution is needed. Whether premium or free vectors, if you want to use the assets for commercial purposes, you need to create a premium member account. And if you are going to download on this website for free members, you can only download 5 files maximum.

All the vectors in this website can be downloaded for free. All assets can be used personally and most of them can be used for commercial purposes as well. However, not all of them are allowed to be used commercially, it’s necessary to contact the author if you are going to use the assets commercially. It can be said some assets in this website are a little bit outdated, however it’s still worth to explore with especially the icon vectors and it’s also mentioned that the website is constantly updated.

Who doesn't know this site? Currently, it can be said that Freepik is the most popular vector stock. It might be reasonable since there are so many high quality contents offered even though for free. If you want the unlimited download, you can register for premium plans. The assets on this website are mostly free for personal and commercial use with attribution. If you have a premium plan, it’s possible to get a commercial license. What may be the minus is, since this website is popular it may have the overused vectors sometime. You may find your design being the same as others since it uses vectors from the same stocks.

That’s all the website that we’ve curated so that you can find high quality vectors that might escalate your stunning design. Don’t forget to always check the vector license first before you are going to use them especially if you have a commercial intent. It’s necessary to avoid the problem possibilities in the future.


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