Free Crypto Logo Icon Vector Collection

Some futuristic icons have been coming!

Today we have the Crypto Logo Icon Vector Collection. This collection is inspired by what is booming currently, it’s about crypto related to blockchain technology. In this collection there are some cryptocurrency logos such as bitcoin and ethereum which are the most popular cryptocurrency nowadays.

This collection is provided in black and white or silhouette color which might suit any kind of project. You can use these icons as elements of your creative design, or alone as logo or symbol. It can be used on posters, flyers, or make it as stickers. It might have endless possibilities to use these icons on any kind of project.

These are designed for futuristic or technological themes. Since we know that crypto is leaning back to blockchain technology which nowadays has some issues. It might need development over and over in the future and these icons might be more and more used in the future. Therefore, it’s necessary that you need to have these icons in your library.

These crypto icons are provided in EPS or vector. You can use this in unlimited medium since it doesn’t limit to scale in any size. Because of the vector, it’s possible for you to change its color. You might be able to experiment and explore more with this collection.

This collection might be beneficial and might have many usability in the future. Therefore, click the link below to download this collection instantly:

10 Crypto Icon Collection - (EPS)

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