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New effect to beautify your photo is here!

We’re proudly introducing this Glass Distortion Photo Effect. This is a kind of distortion photo effect which would make your photo look unique and stunning. It might transform your photo to be different in a good way.

This effect can suit any kind of photo. However, a photo with a specific object might be best. It could be action, portrait, and whatever. It needs a specific and clear object since the effect is like a glass arranged neatly and forms a mirror pattern. It breaks the photo, if it’s not specific, the result might not show what the actual photo is.

Instead of only creating a stunning photo, it might be used to create unique posters, covers, social media posts, or any artwork which wants to be made to have unique distortion shapes. It is possible to create unique scenes or settings using this effect.

This effect is provided in PSD and there is only one effect that you can check at the preview above. You can use this effect easily using the smart object tool in Photoshop. Definitely, using this effect could improve your asset quality.

This effect might have endless possibilities to use on any kind of project. It could be your personal photo or might be used to give a unique background for public advertisement such as flyers or posters. Having this effect might be so beneficial. Therefore, make sure to have this effect by click this link download below:

1 Glass Distortion Photo Effect - (PSD)

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