Best Chrome Extensions Every Graphic Designer Needs!

To improve your browsing experience, here we recommend the chrome extension that might be beneficial for you as a graphic designer. Working in the creative field might spend a lot of time sometime. It’s necessary to find shortcuts so that working can be more efficient and fun. These chrome extensions may help you to ease your work on a web browser and impact on reducing your time consuming. You can allocate your time to other work or having a work-life balance.

It’s a chrome extension which would serve you a stunning color palette every time you open a new tab or refresh your web. It might be able to help you find your inspiration to choose color for your project.

It allows you to generate color palettes. It’s easy to use, since you only need to press the spacebar and it will generate a new palette each time you press it. You can lock some color and press the spacebar again to generate the other colors which fit the color that you’ve locked. It also allows you to drag one color to another.

Site Palette will allow you to grab color from certain websites in the form of a color palette. After you get the color palette, it’s possible for you to keep a certain color and generate the others that still suit the color you keep. You can generate and save it so that you can use it for your next project.

It will allow you to see a new different artwork each time you open the browser window.  It will avoid your web browser to be boring and make it more colorful. It might bring the inspiration for you too to create other creative projects.

It’s beneficial if you want to make your password secured. It’s a place where you can keep your password if you have a long or complicated password which you can’t even remember. It may also help you to know whether your account password has been leaked on the dark website or anywhere, and if it’s yes you can just change your password easily.

It's a kind of spy weapon for your daily internet usage. Using this Blue Button will allow you to catch the information about the website including title tags & meta descriptions, scripts, stylesheets, images, and fonts. It’s clearly beneficial for website designers, developers, copywriters, SEO managers, and whoever works for websites.

Milanote will let you save text, images, video, and more to collect your raw ideas used to build the next great work. You can instantly collect them without downloading them. You can easily choose what you want to collect, right click, save it to Milanote, and instantly it will appear on your Milanote. You can consider it as a mood board or whiteboard where you can create your raw ideas here.

It’s a web clipper which would allow you to save something interesting on the internet and you want to open it later. You can save the link, image, and text if it's an article. It’s likely that Notion works best to save articles or straightforward websites.

This extension works together with Roam Research which works like a note-taking app where you can write down your ideas and else in this app. You can write about your client project or your ideas in this app and get more creative by it. This Roam Highlighter will help you when you are attracted to interesting things in the article and want to highlight a certain part. You can highlight it then copy it to Roam Research and it will show all information about it, from the web source, article, published date, accessed date and time, and the highlights. It serves all information that might be needed.

Dark Reader will allow you to customize your computer screen display. It’s clear that as designers we’ll work on the computer for hours which sometimes impact on our health, especially eyes. This Dark Reader will allow you to make adjustments on the screen lighting that would make it more comfortable. It’s also possible to use dark mode on any kind of website, Google is no exception.

As it names, it will allow you to capture your screen both as images and as video with audio. You just need to open the extension and make sure to choose the quality you want it to be. There are options where you can capture your webcam and even capture the specific location of your screen. It’s completely beneficial and easy to use.

Those are all the chrome extensions that we highly recommend to use. Those would be so beneficial for you, especially whoever works in the creative field. If you find it interesting, go try on your browser and you might be experiencing a new experience. Happy designing and see you in the next article!


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