Free 4 Minimalist Book Cover Mockup Design

We often design book covers but we don't know what if our design has been printed into a real cover. In this post I have collected 4 cover mockup designs that you can use for your book cover play needs.

1. Top View Book Mockup

the first was a book cover mockup of mrmockup. We are given the freedom to explore the appearance of the pages of the book with our design. provided in an open book view photographed from the top side. We can fill it with illustrated graphic layouts and a little writing to add a realistic impression. If you are a writer, then this mockup you can also use to convey the premise or snippet of the content of the story for promotion.

2. Hard Cover Book Mockup

the second is the cover of the book that is displayed with a photo from the side slightly tilted. This mockup design looks very clean and minimalist, suitable for those of you who like simple. This mockup of the book cover was designed by mrmockup with a gray background style and a little very fine lighting style. You can use this for branding special themed books.

3. White Book Realistic Mockup

The third mockup design belongs to in accordance with the appearance of the standing book, this mockup design gives an elegant and clear impression. This design has a very clear point of view, because the cover of the book directly faces forward with a minimalist look. You can also use this as a promotion of your latest book with a fresh and pleasant mood.

4. Cover Book Mockup

still take from mrmockup. This time we will be presented with a very complete book design. You can review the look of the book from the front and back covers. has a rather complicated look, but this mockup is still fairly minimalist style with a touch of light and soft shadows. You can use this mockup to review the entire contents of the book from the front and back covers

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