Free 4 Cosmetic Packaging Mockup Design

The increasingly broad cosmetics market makes it easier for everyone to produce their own cosmetic products. Mockups can be one of the solutions to represent the product to be produced. By displaying product visualizations, the manufacturer will better understand the information and design concepts that you will create. Here we gather some cosmetic mockups that can be an option for your product. 

1. Cosmetic Spray Bottle Mockup

The first mockup is from graphicpear. The elegant combination of colors makes the product look luxurious. cosmetic spray bottles with open lids describe the details of the product. The mockup also already has a shadow from the side. Mockup layers can be edited so that silver foil and foil elements can be added instantly. Mockups are presented with high resolution with Adobe Photoshop format making it easier to use.

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2. Free Cosmetics Mockup

The second mockups are from josetdesign. This cosmetic bottle is usually used for liquid foundation and serum. Product arrangement with three color tones can make that the product has several variations, so that buyers can compare products that match it. Silver bottle caps can give a luxurious impression so that it shows that the product is of high quality.  

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3. Free cosmetic box with jar mockup

The next mockup is from The site provides mockups for free for personal and commercial needs. Cosmetic mockups are provided with 3 points of view that can show details of all sides of your product. Cosmetic boxes and jars with simple soft colors are very suitable for beauty cream products

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4. Cylinder Packaging Mockup

The latest mockup is from graphicpear. This cosmetic bottle is usually used for skin toner, facial cleanser and water mist. The angle of picking and shadowing the product is very suitable for showing the brand of the product. The organized layers allow for easy design customization using Adobe Photoshop.

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  2. Graphicpear's mockup is really great, it's up to mark with perfect shadowing angle! Keep it up!

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