Free 3 Unique Paper texture for design element

Textures on paper are usually used by designers to give a unique impression to their designs. The paper used ranges from soft textured surfaces to rough surfaces. This texture can be used for posters, advertisements, or backgrounds. Here we collect 3 unique paper textures with various styles for your design. This collection is provided for free so you can experiment easily.

1. Free Torn Glued Poster Mockup

The first paper texture is from unblast. The rough and messy texture gives the impression of being old and broken. The paper glued to the wall with a natural tear makes the design more realistic. This paper texture is very suitable for posters that can show the characteristics of your design. Torn glued poster is available in PSD format making it easier for you to edit in Adobe Photoshop. Smart layering can speed up your work because you just have to put your graphics in a vintage torn poster.

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2. Paper mockup

This impressive paper mockup is from This design that gives a clean and messy impression can convey the message to your design clearly. The design is beautified by the presence of small ornaments and plastic overlays. This mockup paper can be adjusted easily because each element is isolated. You can add stickers, logos, or stamps on the plastic surface. The high resolution that is presented is 4000x3000 pixels so you don't have to worry about the quality of the design you will get.

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3. Free Horizontal Torn Paper for Copyspace

The last paper texture is from This paper has a soft texture with a unique tear in the middle with 5 choices of tears. The layer on the back of the tear can be modified so that you can add text or photos. This horizontal torn paper is only available in JPG format. Even so, this torn paper has a high resolution of 5000px. You can use it without worrying about the quality of your design.

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