Free Horizontal Torn Paper for Copyspace

The newest collection that we provide for you is the Horizontal Torn Paper for Copyspace. This is a collection of a white paper torn in the middle. There are five copy spaces that we provide and each has different rips. It has the bluescreen behind which is possible to be modified. You can put your text on the torn part to showcase its uniqueness.

This collection has the street nuance as it has a damaged touch as the main highlight. You might use this for delivering a brief message or point out something. However, you can experiment with this collection for anything. It’s possible that using this collection is beyond. Creativity is endless. Who knows you can decorate this collection to build some eye catching advertisements, posters, or more.

These copy spaces are provided only in JPG, there will be no PSD if you want to. However, we provide this collection in high resolution quality, the size is up to 5000px so definitely you might be able to use this without misdoubt the image would be rough.

It’s possible to edit the bluescreen so that you can put something in it. Just like the preview above, it’s interesting to see. If you couldn’t find the way, just wait we’ll make the tutorials for you soon. The skill is worth trying and might be beneficial in some way.

If you find this collection is interesting, make sure that you click the download below. It’s obviously awesome to be able to experiment and explore with this collection according to your creative ideas. Again, click the link below to get them:


 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 38 Mb}

5 Horizontal Torn Paper for Copyspace - (JPG)

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