Free DEMO Stars Icon Vector Design

Today, we have a big bundle especially for you. Not only consists of tens or hundreds of pieces, but we offer a thousand icons of stars in various design styles. There are a lot of models depicting a star. We looked for inspiration and made as much as we could create. And now we successfully created the stars icon vector design as many as 1000 pcs. Yes, you ain’t wrong. You’ll get 1000 icons by downloading this collection.

As you know, 1000 isn’t a small amount. The stars icon in this pack is drawn varies. From simple to very complicated, all are there. We created it so it may be used on many designs. It could be a decoration to avoid a design that looks mediocre. It can also represent the twinkling star in the night sky or just make it as a single object to be printed for stickers. Additionally, you may also find some shapes that could be suitable to represent the snowflakes. There are endless possibilities in how you want to benefit from it.

However, we offer the 1000 stars icon vector design only at a premium. If you want it for free, we only have the demo package consisting of 10 stars. Therefore, we recommend the premium instead. If you are interested in collecting this stars icon vector design, both download links are below:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

10x  Stars Icon - (EPS)


  1. Hi, I found this star icon collection on Behance. They are look great! I'm wondering where I can find your premium assets? Especially for the icon stuff. Ty!


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