Free 5 Rainbow Light Abstract Background

If seeing the previous above makes you think that we are only reposting our previous rainbow abstract background, then you are wrong. We offer similar but of course, each has its authenticity. You could compare it and easily find the difference. In this rainbow light abstract background, the rainbow color isn’t dominant. Somehow, this collection can also be an overlay instead of becoming a background only.

There are 5 rainbow backgrounds in this collection. All of them depict the abstract rainbow shape that at a glance seems similar to liquid or fluid flowing. As a background, it gives the firm impression of the rainbow where the usual rainbow color impresses the softness. It suits to be a background for a poster, cover art, wallpaper, and many more. And as we’ve mentioned, it may also be an overlay if you can find the matches combination. Even if this rainbow light abstract background is only in JPG, the possibility of using it is endless. Moreover, we offered it for free. If you are interested you can download it below: 

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5X Rainbow Background - (JPG)

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