Free DEMO Trendy Shape Element

We created the trendy shape element consisting of various shapes for your element design. As you may have seen in the previews above, we provide many. We created it in a geometric shape, making it look firm and suit a futuristic design look. All the shapes of the element on this package are made to fit the modern concept. Therefore, using this trendy shape element on your design wouldn't make it look outdated.

All the elements in this package are 110 in total, and you can get all of them at the premium package. However, we also provide the demo package offered for free. Of course, the demo wouldn't bring the full shapes. It offers 9 shapes only. You can use these trendy shape elements to decorate your design, combine it with other elements, and even arrange it for patterns. The possibility of using these elements could be endless, depending on how we can play with our imagination and creativity. If you are interested in trying them out, both the premium and demo links are enclosed below:

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