Free 5 Circle Gradient Background

As we always said, using a proper background for your design matters to make your design look attractive. To support our statement, we always try to offer the newest background to enhance the collection and make it updated suiting the recent trends. And in this offer, that’s the circle gradient background.

In this pack, the background is a kind of painted background with a circles pattern. The pattern is twirled with gradient colors. The deeper, the colors are brighter like it’s brushed and the paint runs out. How the colors are played generates a unique color pattern and makes this collection look captivating. Therefore, using this circle gradient background wouldn’t make your design boring anymore.

There are 5 backgrounds in this collection. You can freely choose which one would be the most suitable for your design. You can use it for a poster, flyer, or even wallpaper. It’s versatile, meaning you may be able to use it for many uses. If you want it, we offer it free below:


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5x Circle Gradient Background - (JPG)


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