Free American Sign Language Poster

We may have seen many deaf friends have been confident to present in public. It means our society is getting more inclusive for them. However, many people or maybe ourselves are still confused about how to communicate with them because we don’t know anyhow, and it becomes hard to do. Therefore, the campaign to learn sign language is also getting more echoed. And this, we offer a poster of American Sign Language that would tell us how to spell the alphabet from A to Z using a finger sign.

This poster clearly shows us how to gesture with our hands. Therefore, it might be possible to learn on our own. This poster can be printed and shared to spread awareness. We made this ASL poster in high quality, so printing it on large media is possible. By using and sharing this poster, we may share awareness about how we can communicate well with the deaf and make the world more inclusive for anyone. If you are interested in learning this sign language, you can get it free below:

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