Free Download Rainbow Light Overlay

Creating a stunning photo hasn’t been difficult anymore. You don’t need to bring many properties or tools to create a magical photo result. Now, there’s a photo overlay that can beautify a photo taken instantly. It can be put while doing photo editing. There are many overlays out there, and it doesn’t stop us from making another one. Here, we offer the rainbow overlay to expand the collection.

This overlay collection is like a variety of rainbow rays penetrating the room. It would be great if combined with a portrait photo, just like the previews. Instead of only giving a rainbow color, it will also provide an effect as the rainbow shines. Therefore, the photo result may look glowing. Adding a rainbow overlay to the photo would generate a better final result.

There are 5x jpegs in this collection. The rainbow overlay is given on black background, so it would be easy to blend the overlay on top of the photo taken. Besides a photo effect element, it can also become an element for graphic needs. It has a high resolution that possibly fits various projects. In addition, this package also suits the current trend effect. Once you download it, you might find it helpful for many purposes.

Downloading this rainbow overlay would benefit you in many ways. It’s versatile as it can be suitable for various projects. As long as you have ideas, you can execute them quickly. You can use this collection timelessly. Moreover, we offer this collection for free. It’s a good start for you. If you are interested in collecting this rainbow overlay, quickly you can download it below:


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