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If you love to exhibit your photo taken to be striking, you need to check this post right away. If your photo hasn’t a good result, you can also check this post because we have a great offer for you. We have a photo effect that can help you manipulate your photo so that it can be flashy. Or if you want to conceal the imperfection of your photo, you can use it either. Whatever your intent is, it will be helpful to make your photo look stunning.

What we are gonna offer is the pixel photo effect. This effect gives some dispersions for your photo into dozens of squares. It may make your photo look compressed and lose its original quality, so it’s pixelated. However, with this effect, you did it for a purpose so it can look beautiful. 

There are 3x PSD files in this pixel photo effect package. You can edit which certain areas that you want to make pixelated. However, we offer it in three types. The first one is the fully pixelated photo that would cover the whole area. The second type would pixel the half of the photo. And the last is the one that would pixel horizontally. To be precise, you can check the previews. 

It would be interesting if you could put it in your photo. It may give some exclusive or even mysterious impression that may make people curious about your photo. To give it a personal touch, you can customize the density of the pixels to adjust your taste. We would recommend using a portrait photo or something that shows the object clearly. It's necessary so the result would still be good. If you are interested, you can download it below for free:

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