Free Social Media Post Template for Product Branding

Digital branding is one of the elements that needs to be concerned these days. The power of digital marketing couldn’t be denied affects massively to brand awareness and the amount of sales. Therefore it’s a must to pack your branding design to be perfectly known and special showing your brand identity. Including your social media post, it’s necessary to make it in such a way to make it proper to be looked at and attract people to visit it. In this case, to ease you on designing your social media post, we are proudly presenting the product social media branding design.

This social media template is created in standard themes for start-up business and service which have looked professional and what it is. It’s best for business which needs a straightforward promotion without any convoluted gimmick. The message delivered on the promotion is clear and directed to the consumers directly. It’s easy to understand yet elegant to be looked at.

There are 6 designs in this template which is provided in PSD. The file provided makes it easy to customize the design. It’s possible to change the image, text, font, and of course the color. You can freely customize the color in order to make it match your product properly, remember that consistent and stick to your color brand identity is necessary. It can be used perfectly for both product and service.

The design itself looks neat, not tacky, and unobtrusive even if there is a memphis element in it. Yes, there is an additional element, the memphis shape element which can also be downloaded freely and separately on , the link would also be attached below. It’s designed to make the product branding on social media to be perfectly well organized. Using this design collection for your brand might make it more to be known and possible to increase the sales. Therefore if you are interested to use it for your social media branding, make sure to download it below:

6 Product Branding Social Media Post - (PSD)

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